I'm Libby Wood and I solve problems.  If you are stuck and need a hand, give me a call to see if I can help you untangle whatever you're facing.  Get Libby Now provides solutions!



Everyone has a different way of understanding and incorporating new concepts, but classroom teachers often present ideas in the one way that makes the most sense to them.  Many students learn more effectively when those concepts are presented in other ways and in a more comfortable setting.

RATE: $60/hour

Please note that outside of Marin County I charge for travel time.

Here's a testimonial from a student's mom:

"Thanks you so much for teaching ___!!!  Her overall average is 86% now!!!  I want you to continue until she goes to college!!!



Think how great you will feel when we get it all sorted out and put in its place.  Cut through the clutter and keep only the items that work for you in your life.  Tidying up can be life-changing.

RATE: $55/hour

Here's a testimonial from my client Barbara:

"I highly recommend Libby to pack up your goods to either move or show your home for sale.  She is the greatest.  You will not be disappointed, you will be enchanted with how she turns your house into a seller champ!"

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to a better place.


Moving is a big project and can be very stressful.   Planning, managing, and executing the move takes organization.




Dealing with big problems puts an inordinate amount of stress on you.  Get it fixed and move on with your life!



My degree from Stanford is in Mathematical Sciences, which combined Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science, and Math.  After graduating, I worked as a software developer, then for many years managed Information Technology for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  Along the way I raised three kids, helping them with quite a few math problems.



While I still love math, in recent years I've become interested in issues facing the elderly.  One of those is the problem of transitioning from a traditional home into a living situation that is better suited to the needs of an older person.  Part of that process is sorting through a lifetime of possessions and dealing with it all.

So, I'm still pursuing my first love by tutoring high school and college students in math, but now I've added organizing, decluttering, and move management services to my toolkit.  I'd love to help you deal with it!



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